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Jun 30, 2020

keep the mornings sacred / respect for the great souls / arrogance is destructive / karma rewards behavior consistent with our true nature & punishes behavior inconsistent with it / survival of the kindest / how to become dear to God / the peace formula / saranagati

SB 1.15.22 - 1.15.26

Jun 29, 2020

we’re all acting entitled / how little free will we have when we are in illusion / freedom from the slavery of the mind and senses / everything is provided for us / under the influence of false ego we think “I am the doer” / the gods & goddesses are like the butlers / the Bhaktivedantas reveal the complete...

Jun 28, 2020

facing death gets your attention / I can learn a lesson from anybody / 5 stages of grieving / catching another’s enthusiasm / our spiritual practice is our prayer for mercy / gratitude / how you live will determine how you die / bring the holy name to the forefront of our consciousness

Jun 26, 2020

do our relationships continue after the death of the body? / after the temporary happiness of the material world no longer appeals where does one find joy? / how does one just give up SEX!!! / isn’t it hard to find a guru? / what are the qualifications of a Vasinava or devotee? / how to pray?

Jun 25, 2020

seeing everyone as a pure spiritual soul / the 10 names of Arjuna / Arjuna & Krishna pass through all obstacles together / Krishna relishes reproaches of friends, parents or fiancees more than the Vedic hymns offered to Him by great learned scholars and religionists / the highest gift has been offered to the most...