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Feb 28, 2021

pros & cons of being raised in an ashram / the trepidation of retelling the Ramayana / Ramayana - why did it have to end that way? / rediscovering the character of Rama / through shoka comes shloka / challenges of parenting / cutting some slack for Mantara (the hunchback) / Sita’s special powers

Feb 27, 2021

what can you tell those of us that physically, mentally and
emotionally suffer on a daily basis to help us keep going day after day, or sometimes minute after minute? / how to deal with cruel-hearted criticism? / what’s the difference between self indulgent whining vs identifying and examining an emotion so that it...

Feb 26, 2021

Yamaraja is cursed to become Vidura / kids are free from karma thanks to Mandavya Muni / speaking truth to power (& allowing power to save face) / tolerating insults / making the best of bad situations / forgiving / what is wisdom? from Bhagavad-gita / not looking for happiness through externals / a peaceful mind...

Feb 25, 2021

Krishna = sweetness / Sri Chaitanya is Krishna when he is most compassionate / Balaram (Nityananda) is the embodiment of the mood of service - & thus the original guru / one’s disqualifications aren’t considered / joking chanting / killing the demoniac within / we connect with God through serving His people

Feb 24, 2021

a warm home in the heart / you spoke my language…and it worked / singing in the streets / happiness through contributing / what is pitiable by the pitied / the law of karma is coded into the virtual reality of the universe / the cycle of karma / manifest & unmanifest karma / the negative disposition of karma / ripping...