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Sep 29, 2023

this is not a pipe, this is not success, this is not happiness, this is not my child, this is not love / “To look at something as though we had never seen it before requires great courage.” — Henri Matisse / we’re living in the world of names / “Human life is simply meant for self-realization.” – A.C....

Sep 28, 2023

when devotees come, everything becomes auspicious / “Great calm, generous detachment, selfless love, disinterested effort: these are what make for success in life.” - Rabindranath Tagore / don’t just run with the current - pause, breathe and examine / Zip it up! Our material bodies are not eternal! / to the degree...

Sep 27, 2023

anyone can draw / dismantling the blocks to creativity / identifying and processing our emotions / build a bridge of empathy / centering the intelligence around Krishna / in yoga there is a practice and a goal

SB 6.5.13-14

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Sep 26, 2023

“False happiness is like false money... when it is brought to the touch, we find the lightness and alloy, and feel the loss.” - Alexander Pope / sattvic, rajasic and tamasic happiness / false happiness = senses contacting external objects, real happiness = internal nature of the self / what’s the use of karma...

Sep 25, 2023

How is it possible to perceive and love Krishna's presence, and not fall into despair, in the sick, backwards state of the world we are living in? / How should I honor an altar at home? / Which books would you recommend, Srila Prabhupada’s original editions or the current revised editions?